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Why Study Computer Science?

Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) are great fields of study if you enjoy critical thinking and problem solving. There is high demand for computer science jobs, many of which offer competitive salaries. The technical skills learned through an education in computer science and technology related programs are widely applicable to careers in this growing field.

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Masters Degree Students

Computer Programming

A computer programmer builds, writes, tests, troubleshoots and maintains source code of computer programs or applications. This source code is written in a programming language so that the computer can understand it. The GUI works as a translater between the user and the code.

Doctoral Degree Students

Database Administration

Database Administrators work with specialized types of software to store, organize and structure a companies data. This could include financial numbers, payroll data, or customer shipping records or mailing lists.

Graduate Certificate Students

Web Development

Web developers build websites for intranet or internet. Web developers may work on front end development like HTML, CSS and Javascript, or may build more complex sites by working in back end web development.

Information Technology Programs

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What Can You Do with a Computer Science Degree?

A computer science degree is a widely applicable degree with several lucrative career options. Undergraduate degrees often lead to a career as a software developer, IT consultant, hardware engineer, computer network architect, or information security analyst, among others. Advanced degrees, such as a master’s in computer science can lead to leadership roles involving management and strategic initiatives, while a doctorate often leads to continued research or teaching.

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